Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Model Ludi Delfino Shows Us The 2012 Bikini Trends

Although it may not be summer yet, it’s still oh, so lovely to plan ahead for the awesome season that’s soon approaching. 

While looking at bikini trends, I happened to noticed that the fringe bikini kept popping up everywhere. It instantly caught my eye as a playful, yet sexy take on the classic bandeau bikini. Digging it as well?

Here are some cute examples which Brazilian model Ludi Delfino shows off of the fringe bikini. It definitely is my prediction for the hottest bikini trend for Summer 2012.

If you are looking to step away from the boring, traditional bikini all together, this style on the left is a great way to mix it up. 

Or, if you want to re-create the look, simply find a cute fringe top in a color that you like, and mix-and-match it with bottoms that you already own.

This bikini (right) is the ideal look for what you want in a fringe bikini - bright, fun and playful. And, if you have a bit of a trouble area right underneath your breasts, then the fringe bikini should be able to cover it. Just be sure to get a fringe that’s long enough to hide anything that you might be self-conscious about.
These are just a few classic examples that I found online, but there are plenty more styles and variations to choose from. Be sure to check out stores such as Victoria's Secret, Everything But Water or even Target to find this summer style. Soon, it’ll be time to shop, so ladies, start planning ahead for bikini season, as it will be fast approaching!

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