Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Daria Webowy

To all Daria Werbowy’s fan, you may be interested to view others two photo shoots?
The first one is, when she was featured in Pepe Jeans London : Spring / Summer 2009 : Ad Campaign.
The second one is, when she was photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg.
And also, we have another photo shoot gallery of Michael Thompson too. He photographed Kim Noorda.
daria werbowy

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top 10 Photos Of Ludi Delfino @ Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Fashion model Ludi Delfino getting her makeup and hair did backstage at The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show On E! for the Academy Awards countdown.  Glamor! Hair curlers! Lip Gloss! This is how the supermodels are transformed into superangelic mothers of nature. 

Victoria's Secret
Ludi Delfino in Hair & Makeup

Victoria's Secret
Ludi Delfino just before the show starts....

Ludi Delfino gets last min retouch on hair..

Victoria's Secret
Ludi Delfino gets last min retouch on makeup..

Victoria's Secret
Ludi Delfino mins before show time..

Victoria's Secret
Ludi Delfino mins before showtime..

Victoria's Secret
Ludi Delfino one last kiss..

Victoria's Secret
Ludi Delfino is Beautiful! 

Victoria's Secret
Ludi Delfino is Glamorous

Victoria's Secret
Ludi Delfino is an Angel

Rosa's Sexiest Looks

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Model Ludi Delfino Shows Us The 2012 Bikini Trends

Although it may not be summer yet, it’s still oh, so lovely to plan ahead for the awesome season that’s soon approaching. 

While looking at bikini trends, I happened to noticed that the fringe bikini kept popping up everywhere. It instantly caught my eye as a playful, yet sexy take on the classic bandeau bikini. Digging it as well?

Here are some cute examples which Brazilian model Ludi Delfino shows off of the fringe bikini. It definitely is my prediction for the hottest bikini trend for Summer 2012.

If you are looking to step away from the boring, traditional bikini all together, this style on the left is a great way to mix it up. 

Or, if you want to re-create the look, simply find a cute fringe top in a color that you like, and mix-and-match it with bottoms that you already own.

This bikini (right) is the ideal look for what you want in a fringe bikini - bright, fun and playful. And, if you have a bit of a trouble area right underneath your breasts, then the fringe bikini should be able to cover it. Just be sure to get a fringe that’s long enough to hide anything that you might be self-conscious about.
These are just a few classic examples that I found online, but there are plenty more styles and variations to choose from. Be sure to check out stores such as Victoria's Secret, Everything But Water or even Target to find this summer style. Soon, it’ll be time to shop, so ladies, start planning ahead for bikini season, as it will be fast approaching!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 10 Worlds Sexiest Bikini Models

France Aurelie Claudel 
American Marisa Miller

Brazil Ludi Delfino

Colombian Sofia Vergara

Poland Justyna Paszkiewicz

Mexico Bree Condon

Swedish Johanna Lundback 

Spanish Nereida Gallardo

Slovak Michaela Kocianov√° 

Argentinian Luisana Lopilato

Bar - So Sexy

Ludi Delfino strips off

LUDI DELFINO  in her sexiest interview ever.

The Brazilian model shows off her stuff for America – and you can see a selection of her stunning snaps below.  In the chat Ludi, who is one of LA's top models, talked openly about her home and sex life.

Boasting how women under 30 are better in bed, she joked: "I think it's because we have
tons of energy and don't care.  "I could talk (dirty) 
when I was 17. I'm a lot better in the sack now. 

"On the differences between men and women, Ludi declared: "Men are more selfish for sure! They're absolute b*****ds. "The first thing I notice about a guy is his chest or his eyes. I'm not sure. "The first thing I notice on a woman is her skin. I'm attracted to clean skin. "I think breast implants are ok. If its a good job I like them. "So many girls have them, and they don't match there bodys. "I'm not into them. I mean, if I got all saggy, like the sacks some women have after they have children, I'd have them done. "I'm not against them, but if you have normal ones, just to have them enlarged for the sake of having big ones.

"Who is my favorite young designer these days?...
Well... Alexander Wang is one of my favorites.  

On the difference between United States or Brazil? "Absolutely love LA. I can tell you nothing beats the organization they have in the US. ,but Brazil holds a special place in my heart. Its my home, my roots. All my family still lives there. I would like to live part of the year here in LA and part in Brazil... You know follow the summer" 

"Who do I idolize? My father. He taught me how to be a business woman and gave me a positive connection with men because he is a gentleman. And that is what attracted me to my fiance. He is a gentle soul."